Yesssss boys & gals, I've been working on something new!! I've been a designer for over 10 years and I'm finally fulfilling my dreams and creating my own ladies wear collection... 

"after all my darling... dreaming is a form of planning"

R E A B E L L  -  A L M O S T  A  R E B E L



Since I was little girl I've wanted to be a fashion designer. I've worked hard, I've learned a lot and I finally feel brave enough to put myself out there with my own collection. I'm a big believer that fashion should be for everyone regardless of age, size, gender etc... For me it should be fun, playful, flattering, and a little cheeky. I'm hoping Almost A Rebel will capture all those things and more. 



The first collection is only small, just a few slogan tees. "FUNCH" "PEOPLE ARE POISON" "SELF LOVE CLUB" I do love a slogan tee... I must of created about 20 different ones to choose from, and with the help of my very own Buttercup & Bubbles, we narrowed it down to these three. More will be added in the coming weeks so watch this space... 



I will also be adding some fun, colourful bits over the next few weeks. Skirts, dresses, knickers (oohh la la) etc... bespoke prints, considered slogans, flattering silhouettes.

I know I'm starting small, but I'm excited, and I'm looking forward to seeing where I can take Almost A Rebel, and to see what it develops into.