Hi Guys!!

OMG!! Finally I can share my little website with you all! WOO HOO!! It still needs a little work, some tweaks here and there!! and I have LOADS more products to add!! But SQUEAL! I couldn't help but showwwww you allll!! Laaaa hehe!! 

November has been a mental month!! Firstly we hosted our fun, Hollywood, Gatsby, Dead Glam party, then I turned 30-something (lets not go there) and THEN!! Albert, the kitten arrived!!! and NOW, the website! YEY!! (I know, I know, I'm posting today but technically it went live yesterday sooooo... still Nov hehe) 

I'm hoping now I've got my little page I can write to you a little more, and bore you all to death with kitten stories, fashion faux pars and gym antics, lol!! (woo hoo) 

Honestly, all feedback on the site will be hugely appreciated... Like I said it still needs work, but it's getting there... I don't think it's too bad for a novice hehe :-)

Love and hugs... 

Rea xx 


Rea Bell