Well it's ALMOST new year! WOW how fast has 2017 gone?? eeeek! mental!!

When I think back to NYE 2016 (in John Lewis with flu being persuaded to buy a 55" tv) and all the things that have happened during the year, it's like a dream!! Highlights have got to be getting my new job and moving to Yorkshire, making some great new friends and FINALLY having place to call home... and of course welcoming the crazy that is Albert the kitten into our lives! lol! Never a dull day with that little monster hehe... 

I don't know how or why but 2017 has also re-woken the gym bunny within... Some of you may remember a couple of years ago when I did this crazy running thing... (lets not re-live that hell) well that motivation has been buried deep inside since it ended in May 2015... and for whatever reason, moving here and finally feeling settled has brought her to life again, and in August I started working with the most amazing personal trainer. She's tough, but inspiring and supportive, and I really don't know what I would do without my weekly session!! I'll be posting regular updates on how it's going in 2018 so stay tuned. 

AND how can I not talk about 2017 without mentioning my little baby Love Tallulah Belle... Its also been a big year for her too... Lots of invites and wedding bits and bobs for some gorgeous brides and grooms, exhibiting at The Magpie Wedding Show, creating a cute collection of notebooks and cards, tackling my first pop up invite, and of course making this little website so you can all see whats going on and keep up to date with my adventures :-) Already there a couple of exciting things on the cards for 2018... eeeek! (don't worry, I'll bore you to death with them when they happen hehe) 

All thats left for me to say is HAPPY NEW YEAR you gorgeous creatures... I hope it's a good one!! ;-) 

Love of love 

Rea xx 

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