...Galentine's Day...

So I'm a little bit sceptical about Valentine's Day... I'm sure it all started in good faith, celebrating St Valentine blah blah... But it's getting a little out of hand dontcha think?? Now don't get me wrong, come Feb 14th Mr B will be getting a card and probably something made of chocolate... I might even cook him a big old steak, but I certainly won't be buying him an expensive present... and I know for sure he won't be getting me one lol... It's not about that is it, it's about celebrating your love for someone, a little token that says, "hey you... love you millions... & I'm always here for you" and it's with that in mind that I'll also be sending a little note to all my best girlfriends too... I mean who says that Valentines day is only for lovers? What about telling your friends that you love them, and you'll be there for them when they need you?? Whether it's wine and whine, a bloody good cry or just hair/make up/dress/shoes/boy/tinder advice... Sometimes it's nice to just let your girls know your there and you appreciate everything they do for you...  AND who doesn't like getting good old fashion mail... lol!! 


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