Zoo Adventures - Chester

OMG guys! I’m so sorry!! Every time I write to you I promise this is the start of a new book and I’ll keep it up and bore you to death even more with tales from my monotonous life but alas I never do! So I’ll say it again i promise i will keep this up and update you on a regular basis!

Soooooo let’s rewind to November! (Argh) and to my 37th birthday! (Fuck me 37…when did I get old?!) Me and Olivia headed to Chester Zoo for the day! eeeeeek! I’ve wanted to go for so long! and even though it was FREEZING (even my teeth were cold) it didn’t disappoint… Feeling slightly delicate from the previous days boozy brunch we headed straight to the cafe! OMG they sell home made lasagne! My perfect hangover food! We scoffed a slice each (it was yummy) and headed off to explore!

Chester Zoo is so vast!! So many animals, we started with the elephants, then cheetahs, chimps, flamingos… the list goes on! I defo bonded with a jaguar… so cute! I just wanted to reach in and cuddle him! lol!!… Probably not a great idea lol!

We stopped for a coffee to warm us up in the amazing Oakfield House which is now a pub would you believe! So nice! We all know I’m a sentimental old thing, so seeing all the pics and memories of the Motteshead family dotted about almost made me cry. Awwww who we kidding, slightly hungover, cold, and emotional! I did shed a little tear. LOL!

After this we wandered over to the Islands section, OMG so nice!! We saw an actual baby orangutan, just THE cutest thing I’ve ever seen! (apart from Albert) He was just literally hanging on to his mum’s fur as she swung about the enclosure! OMG honestly it was worth the visit just for that!!

We had the best day, well I did anyway! I’m just presuming Olivia did too… hehe… I defo want to go again when I’m a) less hungover and b) it’s sunny and warm! lol!!

1001% recommend…

Rea Bell