It's My Birthday (woo)

18 vs 37 times flies!

18 vs 37 times flies!

Well it was my birthday, last Monday! OMG I can’t believe I’m 37! Fuck, how did that happen? I don’t feel a day over 18 if I’m honest…lol!!

I celebrated with a boozy bottomless brunch followed by cocktails, a day at the zoo, and then I got a new tattoo…midlife crisis? perhaps, but you know what, I don’t care! I had fun! WOO!!

Bottomless brunch was dreamy!! Two hours of drinking Bloody Mary’s and I’m surprised I could even stand let alone walk, but the night was still young, so we headed to Neighbourhood (Leeds) for some cheeky cocktails… YUM! I had one called ‘Sex & Candy’ OMG love!! I could drink them all day! hehe… I think all in all we managed 12 hours drinking, which I think for someone 37 years young wearing thigh boots is good going lol!!

The next day Olivia and I headed for the zoo! I’m totally impressed that we made it… I’ve wanted to go to Chester Zoo for forever, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s enormous! SO many beautiful animals (I’ll do another post specifically about the zoo later in the week, there is too much to squidge into this post) After the zoo we went into Chester to Oddfellows for some dinner! Also lush and highly recommend. We both had steak, which was delicious! and the decor, well it was like being inside Rockett St George. I defo got some home inspo for No 21!

On Tuesday I headed to Slawit Ink for my next tattoo by the amazing, talented Paul Armstrong. I’ve been planning this one for about two and a half years, so was super excited, but also nervous that it would hurt. Paul reassured me that it would be less painful than my pin up, and it was, a lot less, only the bit closest to the top and round the back hurt, the rest was fine. I actually almost fell asleep! lol!! not even kidding! Honestly, I can not express in words how much I love it! It’s absolutely stunning! Again, he captured just what I imagined only x10!

So in a nutshell that was me celebrating turning 37! It was a great birthday! I’m a very lucky & spoiled gal thats for sure!

To celebrate my birthday month I’m going to do a 50% off discount site wide… so go on, knock yourselves out… use code BIRTHDAY at the checkout…


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