Pink? That's my natural colour darling...


Well obvs it's not! To be honest I have no idea what my natural colour is... I've been hi-lighting, lo-lighting and bleaching the whole lot since summer 1999... I've been caramel, blonde, platinum, red, black, dark purple, white...but right now it's PINK and I love it. I don't know if it's a mid life crisis or if I'm just feeling adventurous but since July I've been pink (ish), post box red and neon peach... right now it's like candyfloss... yummy tones of pastel creamy pink. It's dreamy!! I wish I could keep it this exact shade forever and a day! The problem is I have to dye it red and wait for it to fade, doh!! So this weekend, I'll be red again... lol!! EXCITING! 

Hope you guys are having a lovely chilled one :-) x


Rea Bell