Eeeeeekkkk guys! OMG! Three little weeks ago I did something I've wanted to do for a looooonnnggg time...! I finally had my pin up tattoo... ARGH! I've been saying for years that I wanted one, and OMG guys! I love her!!! I will admit I was a little apprehensive about the pain, lol! and also about her face, but I genuinely could of cried with joy when I saw her... 

She sits proudly on my left thigh and is about 30cm long, which to be honest is bigger than I envisaged but now I can't imagine her any smaller... She's got wild pink and purple hair, red heart nipple tassels and black platform Louboutins on her little feet... Behind her is a scroll with the names of my Grandma and Great-Grandma Mollie & Joan, I love that I have them with me everyday now, and they are embodied in this sassy pin up... YEY!  

Paul, the super talented artist who created this for me, well there are no words. What a great job? I would recommend in a heartbeat. He totally brought my idea to life and she looks more amazing than I could of dimagined. I found it fascinating watching him, so careful and delicate, and he did all the shading freehand... Dreamy! 

I thought before I went in, this is it, she will be my last one, I'll have 5 then, thats enough, but tattooing is so addictive, I'm literally googling ideas for my next one... hehe... mmmmm what to have? 


Rea BellSlawit Ink