Gym Bunny...Moi? Hell YEA!!


Around about a year or so ago I was in a pretty bad way. 

I'd slowly gained weight, dress sizes, my back was so bad I could hardly walk from my car to my office, I felt sad, I felt like I'd let me down, and also my man. Like, why would this gorgeous man fancy me?? He met a confident, blonde bombshell, and look at what I'd become? 

I don't know when the straw broke the camel's back, but at some point during August 2017 it did. I picked myself up, stopped feeling so god damn sorry for myself and joined the gym. I booked a session with a personal trainer, signed up to loads of gym classes and ordered a pair of jeans a size too small. Andrew, for all his sins, came to every class with me, stayed away while I trained with my PT in the gym, and ran me a bath when I got home aching. Louise (lovely PT) had me doing things almost straight away that I never thought I would or could do, and I quickly came to learn most of the things I had been struggling with were just a case of mind over matter... 

Looking back over those tiny 365 days, I know now most of how I felt was down to my own perception of me. I was letting self doubt bring me down. Going to the gym has done more for me than I can ever tell you. Yes, I have lost (almost) two dress sizes, (before and after pic below…) yes I have cried on the way to, in, and on the way home from the gym, I am stronger both physically, and mentally... but you know know what I have learned the most? To love and appreciate myself first. If I don't love me, how can I love anyone else?

And on that note...I'm off to do a tortuous 5 mins on the skill mill and probably cry, and then eat a pot noodle...coz you know it's all about life balance right? 


( you can follow my gym journey on Insta… @gym_bunny_rea )


Rea Bell