Glitterati... :-)

I remember the first time I bought body glitter! I was 16, and we were going on a family holiday to Majorca... It was 1998. Oh my days, that makes me feel SO old! Argh! It was 4 little pots that all stacked together, iridescent white, silver and two shades of blue, from the old Miss Selfridge on Bank Hey Street in Blackpool. I think I wore glitter every day all day on that holiday... I still have them somewhere! lol! They lasted me for the next three years! Eventually the Millennium came and went and the trend for covering yourself in sparkly stuff left with it. GUTTED! So when it started to re-emerge I was BEYOND excited!! 

Being 30 plus something I didn't know if I was too old to rock this look second time round, but you know what, life is short, and I don't think anyone is ever too old for glitter... So a few weeks a go a few of us hit the dizzy heights of Huddersfield literally covered in the stuff for a gals night out (I'm still finding it in my house now!) I won't go into details, mainly because after a few sherbets I actually can't remember, the less said about that the better lol!! But we had a great time!! Dancing, singing, cocktails all covered in a healthy dose of the sparkly stuff!! ;-) 

How would I describe what it makes me feel like to wear glitter? Well I'll tell you, like a freaking Spice Girl! I loved every second of it!!! Even as I'm sat here on a rainy Sunday morning watching ITV3, I'm wondering, what colours do I have that will go with my pink and white stripe pjs? 

Hope you've had a great weekend (mwah) xx


Me & my Spice Girls :-) x

Me & my Spice Girls :-) x

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